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Rupay IntroductionFAQTerms & Condition

1. RuPayPaySecure

We are pleased to inform that RuPay Debit Cards can now be used for online transactions and payments through RuPay Pay Secure ane-Commerce solution of National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI). RuPay PaySecure not only provides a platform for e- transactions but also gives the customers a complete unique shopping experience. The RuPay Card can be used at all ATMs, merchant establishments in India for online transactions and payments.

2. Key Features

  • The solution offers enhanced security measures in addition to the RBI mandated2-Factor authentication viz.registration,OTP,image basedauthentication and anti-phishing measures.
  • Highlysecure with unique anti-phishing properties
  • User friendlyandsmooth adaptability
  • Simplifiedarchitecture & transaction flow reduces transaction time resulting in fastertransaction processingand reduction in drop-outs
  • Customer experience: During the online payment the cardholder’s authentication data is collected in a secured manner. Further, with help of a bankthemed PIN pad the cardholder hasto enter the PINnumber whilemakingthe payment.The padshuffles eachtime a digit is enteredas an additional securitymeasure.

3. Target Customers

  • All RuPay Card Holders for online transactions viz. bill payments, online purchases etc.

4. RuPay PaySecure Usage

  • All the customers holding RuPay Cards can transact online with RuPayPaySecure
  • Customer will have to select an image to register during registration. Subsequently, the customer will have to identify the correct registered image in order to get validated.
  • Customer will have to enter a phrase during registration. Subsequently, the customer will have to acknowledge the phrase and the last 3 transactions being made online in order to get validated.
  • Subsequently the image and phrase become validating factors. In case the customer forgets or exceeds the number of attempts they have to re-register to enter new phrase and select a new image.
  • In order to get authenticated, the cardholder needs to enter correct card details, OTP, challenge questions, internet ID and password or any other parameters defined by the issuer.
  • Customer is required to use a valid ATM PIN for authorization of the e-Commerce transactions. Customer will have to enter PIN on the bank themed PIN pad using mouse clicks only. The PIN pad will shuffle each time a digit is entered.
  • RuPay Cards are enabled for online purchases on major merchants. For details on this solution, kindly get in touch with your bank call centre teams.