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Board of Directors

Organisational structure of the is divided in  4 administrative stratas. Branches under the supervision of Branch Managers are the root units functioning under the Regional Offices, supervised by the Regional Managers. Apex administrative control of these two is enshrined in the Head Office. Presently, there are 4 Regional Offices viz. Regional Office-I Dehradun, Regional Office-II Pauri and Regional Office-III Pithoragarh,Regional Office IV Haldwani. under which 86, 62,38,100 branches are functioning respectively with 11 satellite offices too.



Shri Sanjay Aggarwal


A-Central Govt.Nominees

Shri Manoj Kumar                                  Shri Aryendra Rastogi                             Vacant

Assistant General Manager,                      Advocate,Sambhal                      
R.B.I. Regional Office,                               (UP)   (Non Official)                          
DehraDun, Uttarakhand                            Mobile:9837488800                  



B-Sponsor Bank Nominees

Shri M.B.Diwakar,

DGM,State Bank of India,

Zonal Office,Dehradun

Shri Bhagwat Singh

AGM, Lead Bank, MC & RRB

SBI, LHO, New Delhi

C-State Govt. Nominees

Shri Arjun Singh

Additional Secretary - Finance

Govt. Of Uttarakhand


Administrative Setup of Bank

Shri Sanjay Aggarwal
(on deputation from State Bank of India)

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Shri Suraj Bhan Kaim
General Manager
(on deputation from State Bank of India)


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Shri Jagdish Kumar
General Manager
(on deputation from State Bank of India)

Shri M.S. Bisht

Regional Manager,
Regional Office- I, Dehradun

Shri P. K. Baurai

Regional Manager
Regional Office II,Pauri

Dr. M.S. Mehra

Regional Manager
Regional Office III, Pithoragarh

Shri J. C Nainwal

Regional Manager
Regional Office IV, Haldwani
(On Deputation From State Bank of India)




Chief Vigilance Officer
(on deputation from State Bank of India)

Shri T.S.Barwal

Chief Inspector
(on deputation from State Bank of India)

Shri Manmohan Joshi

(Sr. Manager- DAP)

Shri Ravindra Upreti

(Chief Manager- HR)

Shri K.C.S. Bisht

(Sr. Manager- Accounts)

Sh. B.L. Arya

(Sr. Manager- IT)

Shri P.D. Joshi

(Sr. Manager-Board Secretariat)

Shri S. S. Negi

(Sr. Manager- Advances)

Shri Naveen Raina

(Sr. Manager-Planning & Dev.)

Shri V. K. Negi

(Sr. Manager Recovery & NPA)