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Kisan Credit Card

Uttarakhand Gramin Bank's branches covered whole agriculture activities of Uttarakhand crop production, plantation crops, Processing of agri products, finance to agri input dealers, allied activities like dairy, fisheries, poultry, goat, etc.

The main aim of KCC is to provide need based and credit support to the farmers for their cultivation needs as well as non farm activities.


Branches may issue Kisan credit card to farmers having operational land or tenate farmers or share cropper.

Key features

  • Loan amount is based on the holding operational land, type of crop, area under cultivation and scale of finance.
  • Assessment of crop loan component based on the scale of finance for the crop plus insurance premium x Extent of area cultivated + 10% of the limit towards post-harvest /household/consumption requirements + 20% of limit towards maintenance expenses of farm assets.
  • Validity of KCC for 5 years.
  • For crop loans, no separate margin need to be insisted as the margin is in-built in scale of finance.
  • No withdrawal in the account to remain outstanding for more than 12 months; no need to bring the debit balance in the account to zero at any point of time.
  • Interest subvention/incentive for prompt repayment to be available as per the Government of India and / or State Government norms.
  • No processing fee up to a limit of Rs. 3.00 lakh.
  • One time documentation at the time of first availment and thereafter simple declaration (About crops raised/proposed) by farmer.
  • KCC cum SB account instead of farmers having two separate accounts. The credit balance in KCC cum SB accounts to be allowed to fetch interest at saving bank rate.

For more details please contact to nearest Branch's Branch Manager