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Ultra Small Branch

  1.  Ultra Small Branch (USB) means that a bank official offering basic services in villages (atleast once in a week using a Net-enabled laptop) will be treated as a branch, provided a representative appointed by the Business Correspondent of the Bank is available in the village on a regular basis to do all cash transactions. Ultra Small Branches are branches manned by Customer Service Providers (CSPs) appointed by Business correspondent(BC) of the Bank.
  2. Ultra Small branch (USB) will function as a satellite unit of a regular branch. An Officer from the base branch will visit the USB on predetermined day every week with a laptop. Cash transactions through Customer Service Providers only. The Visiting Officer will provide the following services:
  3. a) Opening of SB A/cs
  4. b) Printing of Passbooks
  5. c) Obtain applications for various deposits and loan facilities
  6. d) Follow-up & Recovery of loans 
  7. Currently Uttarakhand Gramin bank has 20 ultra Small Branches Network.