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Agriculture Term Loan

Agriculture Term Loan provide hassle free and adequate credit for crop production, horticulture, plantation crops, farm mechanization land development, irrigation projects,foresty,construction of cold storage and for allied activities like, poultry, goatery, pigging, sheep rearing, etc.

Scheme for Financing Dairy Unit

Bank finance dairy societies for construction of milk house, purchase of automatic milk collection system, transport vehicles and cold storages.

Key features

  • Borrower should have a unit of min. 2 milch cattle.
  • Minimum DSCR of project should be 1.75.
  • Zero margin for amount 50000/-.
  • 20% margin for amount more than 50000/-.
  • Gestation period will be 3 months.
  • The loan is repayable in 5 years with monthly installments.
  • Security for up to the Rs. 50000/- is hypothecation of live stocks.
  • Security for more than 50000/- is hypothecation of live stocks, mortgage of land and third party guarantee if stipulated.

    Rate of Interest

    As per interest rate structure.

    For more details please contact to nearest Branch's Branch Manager