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Western Union

uttarakhandgraminbank.com :: logo_westernunion.jpg Uttarakhand Gramin Bank has money transfer services arrangement with Western Union Financial Services (WU) under which, money can be remitted from abroad by friends and relatives of people of the area through overseas offices of WU and our branches can facilitate the payment of such remittances to the people for whom the money has been sent. Our money transfer options offer you the convenience and dependability you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Key Features

  • Maximum Limit per transaction by cash Rs 50000/- only.
  • If amount exceeds 50000/- a transaction done by Banker's cheque.
  • A beneficiary can receive a maximum of 12 transactions in a calendar year.
  • Customer should submit his I.D proof during transaction.
  • Money can be remitted from abroad to our branches but not from our branches to abroad.